As some of you may know, Blake really likes movies. And, more than that, he likes researching and learning more facts about those films. So Blake has put together a fun movie-guessing game, using some knowledge that Blake has gathered for some of these movies. Unfortunately, JJ’s gonna be occupied this week with some sort of “incoming baby” scenario, so Blake reached out to fellow Mouse House Weekly host Darrell to help co-host this episode!

For this movie-guessing game, Blake will be giving Darrell 5 types of hints for the movie he’s trying to get him to guess, hopefully getting Darrell closer and closer to guessing the film. These hints range from basic fun facts about the film, to the marketed tagline of the film, or how much representation this film franchise has in the parks. Before getting to the game, Blake and Darrell also discuss what they’ve done Disney lately, which include some rewatches of some Star Wars and Indiana Jones, and the new MCU show Secret Invasion. So tune in to hear a “self-proclaimed” film critic offer obscure film trivia to someone who is famously known for “not watching a lot of movies.” What’s the worst that could happen?

What did you think of the game? Were you able to guess any of the films based off of the clues given? Let us know, and connect with us at Mouse House Weekly, we’d love to discuss with you! 

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