What does it mean to be human? What defines reality? Is the life we are living right now all a dream? Do androids have electric dreams? Did you know Electric Dreams is now available to stream on Amazon Prime? Did you know that Golden Spiral Media has a podcast dedicated to this fantastic show?

Before viewing any episodes I wondered if I would enjoy this science-fiction anthology inspired by Philip K Dick’s short stories. One reason I tune in each week to my favorite television shows is the characters. I get wrapped up in their stories week to week. How would it feel to watch a show with no consistent characters to latch on to? Now two episodes in I can say there may not be the same characters to follow, but I am drawn in by the common themes which are exploring what defines reality and the human condition.

In the episode titled Real Life an Inventor is able to enter a Dreamworld to escape the stress of his life. Inside the dream he is an entirely different person. She is a Policewoman named Sarah in need of a vacation from the crimes she is trying to solve. Sarah enters the Dreamworld but all is not as perfect as she may have anticipated. The further into the episode you get the more you wonder which part is dream and which is reality. The lines become blurred as you explore “Real Life”.

In the episode Autofac we explore consumerism. What if there were no more people to consume goods? No problem right! What if the factory was completely automated and churned out goods regardless of need? What if the factory had the ability to replace humans with beings perfectly happy to be served by the factory? Those mindless beings could continue consuming regardless of the consequences.

If these stories don’t seem quite your style keep in mind each episode is a unique story. It is amazing to me that in the 1950’s the Author was able to envision this futuristic World. Watch one episode or watch them all it is up to you. All ten episodes are available for you on Amazon Prime. Afterward join Wayne and Steve for their conversations on the Electric Dreams Podcast. This show will take you beyond your wildest dreams.