It’s been said that magic is just science that we don’t understand yet. While we’re not sure if that’s a suitable explanation for the kinds of magic on display in this month’s episodes, we certainly had a magical time discussing them. First up is “Dust” from season 2. Written by Rod Serling and directed by Douglas Heyes, it tells the story of a dusty small town on the verge of killing a man who drukenly killed a young girl. Is it magic dust or something else that brings the town the hope it so desperately needs?

In “The Fugitive,” we encounter a young girl with a crippled leg name Jenny, and an elderly man the neighborhood children call Old Ben. Written by Charles Beaumont and directed by Richard Bare, we learn that Old Ben seems to have the gift of magic, and while he may not be what he appears, he might just be the savior Jenny needs.

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