Over the decades Disney parks have been featured on film. Whether it is a full featured film like Saving Mr. Banks or an ABC sitcom like Full House, Disney has found a way to bring the excitement of the parks through this form of media.

This idea does a lot for the parks. It brings awareness to the public about all the exciting things that can be experienced at one of the theme parks. It is obviously a great tool for marketing the parks. You cannot help but want to go to a park after watching your favorite sitcom family experience the trip of a lifetime.

The television shows in particular do this really well. When you watch the Johnsons from Blackish go to Walt Disney World where the kids take full advantage of their VIP status makes you want to do the same. Even someone who is never happy like Roseanne can find that happiness when visiting Walt Disney World.

In this episode Rachel and Jeremiah talk about the best and worst of these. They go over some of their favorite moments on film that feature both Disney World and DIsneyland. What worked for them and what was a failure? Come join them in this fun conversation about Disney parks on film.

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