Is dealing with the devil ever a good idea? Would you even recognize the devil if you met him face to face? Would there be peace on earth if you could somehow capture Satan himself and confine him to a prison cell? October is the month of ghosts, goblins, witches, and devils, so it seems like the perfect time to look back at two episodes of The Twilight Zone that feature the devil as a main piece of the story.

In season 1 Rod Serling gave us “Escape Clause” where hypochondriac Walter Bedeker makes a deal with the devil which grants him immortality. However, he soon finds out there can be unexpected consequences of living forever, and may need to take advantage of the escape clause in his contract with the devil.

Season 2 gave us “The Howling Man.” David Ellington stumbles across a remote monastery where Brother Jerome and his followers claim they have captured Satan and have him locked in a prison cell. The prisoner seems harmless to Ellington, and he’s faced with the dilemma to leave the situation alone, or act on behalf of the prisoner and rescue him from captivity. His decision has consequences that may impact all of humanity.

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