They say to be careful for what you ask, because you just might get it. In “The Star Beast”, both Donna Noble and the 14th Doctor may have to learn that the hard way. With David Tennant as the 14th Doctor, Catherine Tate reprises her role as Donna Noble. And straight from the Baker era we have Beep the Meep, the Star Beast.

That’s right, it has been slightly over a year since Doctor Who has been on our screens with new content. Well the wait is finally over as we not only get new episodes of Doctor Who, but three 60th anniversary specials, a Whoniverse, and the return of one of the most iconic duos to ever grace the TARDIS. The Doctor Donna is back, and this time they are not alone.

As the Doctor wanders through the streets of London a spaceship crash-lands, igniting a tell of nostalgic whimsy and shenanigans.
In complete RTD fashion the story not only sees him returned to the side of his old friend and companion Donna Noble, but also introduces him to the next generation; Rose Noble, Donna’s daughter. It would seem that Rose, much like her mother, has a “talent” for getting into mischief of the cosmic sort. After harbouring Beep the Meep from insectoid aliens in her TARDIS-like shed, Rose journeys with the Doctor and her mother on an adventure that proves all may not be as it seems.

The triumphant return of the 14th Doctor and Donna is a Whovians dream come true. With their signature flare and RTD’s hand at the helm once again, we are given an exciting and new adventure as only they could do. If this is just the beginning of a new era, then I would say that we are in for quite the ride. Allons-Y!

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