The Flash, Season 3, Episode 2: Untouchable
Oh, Death
With so many thoughts of murder floating about The Flash right now, it’s hardly surprising that this week’s baddie could literally kill w/ a touch. Death is coming to Central City, and no, I don’t mean the Black Flash. The prophecy of Savitar says that one will fall…but who is that one? Harder and harder to say.Many think it will be Iris. After all, we did see her get skewered in the future. And there’s precedent, as Iris was killed by a speed-wielding villain in the comics as well. And like many a comic book death, it didn’t last.It could of course be Joe. We know that he’s being honored in the future. Could those honors be posthumous? Could it be our resident snark expert Julian? He’s the newest face in the gang, and if the producers don’t want to kill off a main cast member, that could bode ill for him.Feel free to hop onto the CCU page on Facebook. There, you’ll find a poll of potential victims of the prophecy. Of course, the prophecy did come from a sinister villain, so who knows if we can even trust it?   -Joe

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