Escape From Earth-2
CCU 58 Season 2 Episode 14

And now, some thoughts from CCU Co-Host Joe:

A Whole Lotta Feedback Goin’ On
That smoldering wreckage you see? That’s what’s left of my email, after it exploded from an massive influx of feedback sent in by you, our gentle listeners. And I LOVED IT. Part of what’s made this podcast such a joy for me is the awesome, wacky community that has built up around it. We’ve all gotten to know each other ever-so-slightly, and I’ve begun to attach faces and personalities to the messages we get.
Today, for Escape From Earth-2, we broke our feedback record w/ a whopping TWELVE submissions. A lot of us are starting to lock into variations on the same Zoom theory (2 “Jay” or not 2 “Jay”), but from that, even more interesting theories continue to evolve. If I’m being totally honest, if they don’t tell us who Zoom is soon, my head may explode just like my email. This tantalizing tease has gone on long enough. WHO IS ZOOM?!?!?!
But I digress. What matters the most is our own version of Team Flash. We’re all in our own Star Labs of the web, bantering and nick-naming and glaring when someone slurps their coffee. I raise my Flash mug to all of you crazy Undergrounders who’ve captured my heart.
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