Elongated, Man!

Undergrounders, hopefully you enjoyed this Dibtastic episode of the Flash! After Barry’s debacle of a trial, he finds himself locked away in Iron Heights. Here he quickly learns that giving up heroism is easier said than done. With the Flash masterfully removed from the playing field, our favorite elongated hero rises to the occasion. When the second Trickster is freed from prison by his mother, the retired villain known as Prank, they proceed to terrorize Central City. After a near deadly attack, Dibny finds his confidence and resolve shaken. He decides to seek advice from Barry by sneaking into prison. Once our imprisoned hero delivers an impressive and inspirational speech, Dibny finds the hero inside. At last, the Elongated Man is truly born.

Yes, Big Sir

Meanwhile, in Iron Heights, Barry is busy stopping riots and protecting…Goldberg?! Yes, Goldberg guest stars as Big Sir. Having owed Henry Allen a debt, Big Sir considers the debt repaid when he helps Barry out of a sticky situation. Shortly after, Barry returns the deed by stopping a prison style boot party meant to end Big Sir.

Infinite Consequences

Oh Jitters, such a place of infinite mysteries and adventures. As Cisco and Dibny enjoy the rewards of their heroism, they discover that neither is able to pay for their purchase. As Dibny proclaims that it is always Allen that pays, a familiar young lady leaves money on the counter and proceeds to confound them with talk of paying it forward on a cosmic scale. Joins us as we discuss all this and more!!