Who needs an hour long of commercial free jazz when Central City Underground needs to transmit? We’re back with another transmission! In this special edition of Central City Underground we spend a lot of time talking about how a lot of casting news is revealing a broader arc of DC characters and what that possibly means for the show itself. There are six weeks left before the premiere and we already know a good chunk of the heroes and villains set to be introduced!

We also hear from two other Underground agents lying low in the area. XForce11 and False Tympanic send in their own transmissions and it is awesome to hear that they each are staying strong in the midst of so much uncertainty. If you’ve seen or heard about anything unusual happening in your area, please let us know. We want to get the truth out on the airwaves and we can only do that through your help!

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Special thanks to Cory from Triplecast for providing the Intro/Outro segments for this episode!