Case Profile for Mr. Solomon

Paul Anka, Disco Balls, Nightclubs, it can only mean one thing. They’re having their baby! Yeah! But it isn’t all magical memories as Mr. Solomon is still hot on Liz’s trail thanks to Operator 4-6 and his powerful mustache. Raymond is dealing with some criticism from within his own team as Mr. Kaplan returns. Plus, whenever there is a medical crisis, we can count on Dr. Nick to come to the rescue. Question is, does he know more than we are led to believe. It was hyped as a #BlacklistBombshell and the ending has the internet all up in arms, while long time fans are left sitting in silence. What happens next for Red and the crew? We discussion Mr. Solomon The Conclusion on this week’s show.

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Mr. Solomon In Pictures

Here are a just a few of our favorite scenes from this week.
Mr. Solomon

Red’s Rhetoric

Spring is in the air for the Northern Hemisphere and with April bullet showers come Blacklist wedding flowers as #REDFlowers won last week with 56% of the vote. This week our first scene comes when RED is starting to feel the stress of everything he put Liz through. Our second scene is when Red finally gets to talk to Liz at her bedside. Which was your favorite this week if you think there should have been 4 no 5 teams protecting the church vote #REDDembe If you truly believe it is the Children who grow up to save our future vote #REDLiz.

Which scene from Red was your favorite this week?

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The Music of The Caretaker

What else do you do in a nightclub that doubles as a maternity ward? Play some Paul Anka! Tom aka Dj Jazzy Jacob fires up “You’re Having My Baby” just as Liz starts to trip out on the morphine and we watch one of the more interesting C-section deliveries in television history.

The second selection is when Red and Nick Try to escape with Mr. Solomon closing in. “Lighthouse” by Patrick Watson plays… which depending on what camp you are in on what happened to Liz, the first verse is interesting:

Leave a lighthouse in the wild,
Cause I’m coming in a little blind
Dreamer of a lighthouse in the woods
Shining a little light to bring us back home
OR To help us get back into the world

But the best selection of the night has to be the “Theme From Blinking Lights” by the Eels. This song has the most subtle underlying xylophone chime to it which sounds like a music box which immediately makes you think of the music box that red got for Liz that played the song that her dad used to play for her.

You can hear these songs via the official Blacklist playlist on Spotify or the same playlist recreated by us on Apple Music.

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