Case Profile for Sir Crispin Crandall

Put your seat in its upright position, because we about to encounter a little turbulence on the latest episode of The Blacklist Exposed! Red has a master plan, but do we know what it is? What is the deal with Tom and Fight Club…can we even talk about that? Does the Director have any idea what the connection is between Andras Halmi and a people freezer 40,000 feet in the air? Listen to our latest episode as Troy and Aaron break down the most bonkers episode of the season!

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Sir Crispin Crandall In Pictures

Here are a just a few of our favorite scenes from this week.
Sir Crispin Crandall

Red’s Rhetoric

Apparently you all were hunting elephants last week to as #RedPoacher won with 67% of the vote. Our first story this week comes when Red asks Crispin if he is a gambling man. The second comes at the end when Red let’s The Director know that it’s game over. Let us know which was your favorite by sending us a tweet, posting your vote in the facebook group, or clip your favorite on clammr, share it with the world and add the hashtag #RedGamble if you wish to bet on the future of humanity, or #RedGotcha if your golden parachute failed to open.

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