Welcome back, Berserkers! In this episode of Berserker Cast, Darrell and I (Emilee) discuss the sixth episode of the final season of Falling Skies entitled “Respite”. Pronounced reh-spit for all you Americans. Then again if you spell favorite like favourite you may as well prefer to pronounce it reh-spyt.Up to you! Either way, the word means the same thing: (n.) a short period of rest or relief from something difficult or unpleasant.

Perhaps that definition alone should have been enough to indicate this was not a dream sequence. Both Darrell and I were wondering for a lot of the episode whether Tom’s experiences were a dream-state, like Strange Brew from season 3. There were indicators along the way that it was not, such as Hal finding Tom’s jacket; but there were also moments where Tom seemed surprised that his caretakers knew something, like he seemed surprised that Grandpa Willie knew his name at the dinner table.

Like last week, Darrell and I had very different reactions to this episode. Unlike last week, our opinions were completely opposite! It was very interesting to have Darrell in the same position I was in last week, understanding some of the concepts they were trying to pull out but not enjoying the drama. As always, it provokes some interesting discussion and leads to some theories and speculation about what’s to come in the final episodes.

fayettevilleIn our feedback segment, we read an email from Mike (of the Continuum Podcast and GSM’s Agents of SHIELD and Extand podcasts). He attached this photo, which his wife snapped on their way home from Myrtle Beach via Fayetteville. Interesting, huh? Pope has an airfield!

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