Sometimes motivational speakers will ask their audience if they’re hungry for victory or success. Metaphorically, this is a useful analogy, but there is a significant difference in being hungry versus being hungry. When dinner rolls around and I’m asked whether I’m “hungry”, I usually say Yes because I haven’t eaten a meal in five hours, not because my stomach is growling. I’ve never been truly hungry, not in the way that hunger pains seize a great percentage of this earth’s population. And yet, there have been a few occasions in my life where I can relate to being hungry enough to eat something I wouldn’t usually eat and can vouch, at least to a minor degree, that I’m not considering all the implications of my actions when I’m trying to satiate that hunger. It’s more difficult to make clear headed choices when my body aches.

This episode of Falling Skies seems to point to that crux where hunger pain meets rage. The 2nd Mass is not thinking clearly due to their suddenly abbreviated rations, but add to that a leader who is encouraging them all to give in to their rage and what we’ve got left behind is a bunch of people with guns who aren’t making wise decisions.

Despite some of the timing issues in this episode of Falling Skies, the events of episode 2 certainly expose some of these drastic measures people will go to in order to satisfy a deeply rooted hunger. In the midst of a skitter attack of massive proportions, the 2nd Mass is weakened by the elimination of their food stash. Not only are they a perpetually hungry (and by hungry I mean hungry) group of people, they are trapped and frustrated and full of rage.

In this episode of Berserker Cast, Darrell and I (Emilee) take a closer look at what might be our least favorite episode of the series to date. Many of the events of this episode seemed necessary in order to get to the next step, but we found the episode a little contrived and many scenes awkward and unnecessary. To each his own, yes? We look forward to the next episode, but don’t hold back on what we didn’t enjoy about this episode.

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Season 5 Episode 3 is entitled “Hatchlings”. Remember when the Volm told us about Hatchlings last season? Ruh roh.

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