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Is happiness overrated? You be the judge! Our very own Podcast Overlord (Kevin Bachelder), Angela Pritchett, Kevin Eldridge, Ryan Guthrie, and Nathan Laws lead us through the mire of discussing the character development and arcs of our beloved show in order to anticipate what has yet to come. This is a fan panel, the likes of which can only be found at DragonCon!

Because this is a fan panel it doesn’t have the same audio levels as you’re accustomed to on the Arrow Squad. The background noise is much less pronounced than our Live from DragonCon episodes, but there are times when you cannot hear questions or discussions in the audience. My recommendation is to listen while wearing headphones and make sure there isn’t a lot of noise where you are listening. Kevin does a great job of moderating, and thus repeating the questions from the audience for everyone to hear. At the end there were only a one or two questions or discussions that I couldn’t hear listening in this way.

The discussion on this panel takes us all across the board, with the central focus of what’s coming in season 4 based on the trailer. Naturally, in order to talk about what’s coming, we need to talk about what has already come to pass. The panelists fit very well together, as they all have slightly different takes on events that have transpired, anything from Olicity to Nanda Parbat to the effectiveness of season 3. The blend of interests and highlights from these panelists make this entire panel thoroughly engaging and well-rounded, and it makes me very sad I wasn’t able to be in the audience for this one on Monday afternoon.

Listening to this fan panel got me really excited for the next season, and it also made me a little less critical of season 3. I wouldn’t want to relive the week-to-week wait of season 3 episodes, because I do still think that is a large part of why we were so hard on it, but for the character arcs and the darkness our heroes and heroines waded through to reach the end, it is certainly exciting to think about what is next!

If you are interested, some of the panels from DragonCon have been posted to YouTube. I’ve embedded these below, because the audio is great (aside from the screaming girls in the first one) and the content is STELLAR. Hopefully it will inspire you to attend a DragonCon in the future!

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