News about Arrow seems to be flowing like a faucet this summer as we get closer and closer to season 4. The excitement, and hope, of what is still to come in the next season is exactly the fuel we need to propel us into DragonCon over Labor Day weekend and tide us over until the early October premiere of our beloved show. In preparation for the iconic Con down in Atlanta, we had the amazing opportunity of sitting down with Kelley Harkins, the track director for American Scifi and Fantasy Media at DragonCon.

As you will learn by listening to the podcast, this track encompasses a lot of topics. Most importantly, it encompasses Arrow and The Flash and as an avid fan of both, Kelley dishes on her insider knowledge of the panels going on at DragonCon 2015. From fan discussion panels to guest panels, we get a much better idea of what is to come not only for Arrow and The Flash, but for the wider sci-fi and fantasy fan.

This conversation with Kelley was incredibly fun for a number of reasons. I (Emilee/Miss Ice) went to DragonCon two years ago. I met up with friends from The Fringe Podcast and we had an absolute blast. I went to Continuum, Fringe, Smallville, and Lost panels, amongst others of course, and I just remember how efficient everything was. Panels started on time, people were friendly, and expectations were met. The only other Con I’ve been to is Wizard World here in Minneapolis, and though it runs just as efficiently, it has nowhere near the depth of opportunity that DragonCon does. Whatever your experience with Cons is, you haven’t properly Con’d until you’ve DragonCon’d. Kelley has been volunteering at DragonCon for 15 years, so we spend some time asking her about what sets DragonCon apart from all the other cons and why the heck she keeps going! (Hint: Sister Sledge had a hit song on the theme.)

We’re so excited for Labor Day weekend. If you cannot make it to DragonCon this year, we are definitely sad, but hope that you will be happy with the consolation prize of following us on social media and watching our exploits. We are going to find a way to provide you with as many pictures, videos, and exposes as possible. Be sure you’re following all of us on Twitter: @iamtherealbrian (The Shadow), @kbachelder (Podcast Overlord), and @fauxmeonce (Me). It’ll be like you are there. Hopefully.

If you are coming, we’d love for you to let us know! Send us a quick email (team at arrowsquad dot com) and we will be in touch to let you know about a meetup we will host and keep you up to date on other exploits.

Two words: Line party.

The Arrow Squad will be back in two short weeks to bring you a Superhero Roundtable discussion with the awesome gents over at Central City Underground. If you have a topic or question you’d like discussed, drop it in the comments below or head on over to our Facebook group (link on the page of this blog).

Kelley Harkins
Kelley mentioned a couple ways to get in touch with her. Here are the links!
American Scifi and Fantasy Media official website
American Scifi and Fantasy Media Facebook group
@DConAMSFFMedia American Scifi and Fantasy Media Twitter