The Truth Look Back

Here’s Johnny! Last week Jake was taunting Sadie’s Ex-Husband and this week Sadie and Jake are paying the price. But is that price high enough that Jake will finally tell Sadie the truth in order to save their relationship? Meanwhile Bill is making the moves on Marina, and Lee doesn’t seem to care. As the plan moves forward bill misses the opportunity to see General Walker’s Assassin as he gets a glimpse of just how hard the past pushes back. His sister is amongst the crowd leaving the church, or is it her? We discuss these points and whether or not bleach can really make you clean again on this episode of 11.22.63 A Look Back.

Segment Run times

Introduction (0:00-2:16)
The Look back – Show Discussion (2:16-34:26)
The Look back – Book and Easter Eggs (34:26-48:43)
PromoRemake This Movie Right (48:43-49:16)
The Phone Booth (49:16-1:20:20)

The Truth Points of Interest

The opening Credits from week to week appear to be affected by Jake’s presence in the past. The clock continues to move ahead 5 minutes ever closer to that fateful hour of 12:30 PM on 11.22.63. This week the the record’s song was “Pool of Tears”. The Briefcase was also changed back to a gun, which makes sense for this episode.

The Truth

Nara Couto on twitter mentioned the great easter egg of the television being shot. Did you know fellow time travelers that Elvis Presley also shot his television during a marital dispute with his wife? The proof is in the pictures.

The Truth

In her fifth blog post Bridget Carpenter discusses not only The Truth but also shares insights on T.R. Knight’s performance as well as James Franco’s directorial debut this season. Go behind the scenes with Bridget thanks to Entertainment Weekly.

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