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WSB 02- X-Files S1E02 “Deep Throat”

WSB 02- X-Files S1E02 “Deep Throat”

This was Episode 1×02 entitled “Deep Throat” and it was spectacular! We are introduced to the iconic character of Deep Throat and many of the show’s core attributes are introduced here, beginning with the opening title sequence. Chris Carter wrote and Daniel Sackheim directed this episode, and the original air date was September 17, 1993. The show garnered 11.1 million viewers. Read More…

WSB 01- X-Files S1E01 “Pilot”

WSB 01- X-Files S1E01 “Pilot”

Hello everyone! Welcome to “We Still Believe – an X-Files Podcast”! It’s a podcast dedicated to the TV show ‘The X-Files’ on Fox! We created this podcast to talk about the upcoming X-Files miniseries debuting in January 2016.

In this week’s episode, we begin by introducing ourselves. Our fearless leader is Darrell Darnell, the head honcho of Golden Spiral Media and Pro Podcast Solutions. He is a modern media mogul, and he provides your play by play. Chip Mims is his trusty sidekick. He is known as the hero of Canton and the co-host of Tales from the Cask Craft Beer Podcast and Watching the Americans Podcast, dedicated to the FX TV show ‘The Americans’. He is here to provide color and wry commentary. Read More…

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