The powers that be held true to historic form and avoided much in the way of mythology in this week’s episode of The X-Files! Lots of blood and gore awaited us all in the penultimate episode of the season (and or series?), entitled “Nothing Lasts Forever”, which is Season 11 Episode 9 of the show. It was written by Seasons 10 and 11 script supervisor Karen Nielsen, directed by fan fave James Wong. and it originally aired on March 14, 2018. Read More…

A couple of items popped up in the news feed this week. First up is another terrific writer interview in Syfy with their exclusive chat with Karen Nielsen that goes into the gore and emotional glory of ‘Nothing Lasts Forever’! We follow with The Hollywood Reporter asking what did Scully whisper to Mulder? Then Darrell and Chip try their best to avoid spilling blood during their horrific dissection of the episode! After the mayhem, we crack open the Spooky Drawer and what do we discover but an original master recording of the classic song The Morning After, located next to an ancient VCR with a recording of Barbara Beaumont’s appearance on The Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour! Then we share some IMDB Fun Facts before you spill your terrific opinions and feedback!

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