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We finished all of the Chris Carter “10 Essential Episodes” last time, so now we are revealing our 5 (sorta) best and least fave episodes from the 9 seasons of The X-Files! This should give you plenty of homework before Season 10 begins January 24th!
We have just a tad bit of news for you before our lists. First up is Wired with a really cool interactive map that transports you to every X-Files location, followed by Entertainment Weekly revealing that David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson have ‘talked about’ more X-Files episodes.
Then it’s time for our lists!

Chip’s bottom five are:
Space (S1E09)
Dod Kalm (S2E19)
Hell Money (S3E19)
First Person Shooter (S7E13)
Jump The Shark (S9E15)

Chip’s top “5” are:
Anasazi / The Blessing Way / Paper Clip (S2E25, S3E1/2)
Paper Hearts (S4E10)
Squeeze and Tooms (S1E03 and S1E21)
Colony / End Game (S2E16/17)
Pusher (S3E17)
Jose Chung’s From Outer Space (S3E20)

Darrell’s bottom 5 are:
3 (S207)
First Person Shooter (S7E13)
All Things (S7E17)
Alone (S8E19)
4-D (S9E4)

Darrell’s top 5 monster episodes are:
Humbug  (S2E20)
Squeeze / Tooms (S1E02 and S1E21)
Triangle (S6E3)
Paper Hearts (S4E10)
Drive (S6E2)

Darrell’s top 5 mythology episodes are:
Duane Barry / Ascension (S2E5/6)
The End (S5E20)
Anasazi (S2E25)
The Blessing Way / Paper Clip (S3E1/2)
Piper Maru / Apocrypha (S3E15/16)

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