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You want your classic monster on the X-Files? You get it this time in the incredible Season 5 Episode “Post-Modern Prometheus”! It was written and directed by series creator Chris Carter. The original air date was November 30, 1997 and it had 18.7 million viewers. The episode was nominated for seven Emmy awards and won the award for Outstanding Art Direction.

We have 2 quick news items for you. Digital Spy reports that Amazon Prime is now streaming all 9 seasons of the show while Design & Trend tells us why Chris Carter Cast Joel McHale For the role of Tad O’Malley.

We then discuss this highly-stylized outing of the show with our take on what a great addition to the X-Files body of work this is. Plus we include some neat insights from the commentary track from Chris Carter on how he was inspired to write the episode and the challenges he faced directing for black and white.

In the Spooky Drawer (via the X-Files Wiki) we learn more about the origins of the episode, some parallels to both the original Frankenstein book and movie, the movie Mask, and the mysterious University of Ingolstadt.

Here’s the 20 minute behind the scenes look at the new X-Files. Contrary to what we mentioned in the podcast, there is not a separate 20 and 30 minute version of this. After we took a deeper look at both articles that mentioned the videos, it turned out they were the same video.

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