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Ponder mortality and the incredible bond between Scully and Mulder with us and the episode “Memento Mori”. It was written by an ensemble of the show’s best: Chris Carter, Vince Gilligan, John Shiban, and Frank Spotnitz. The show was directed by Rob Bowman, the original air date was February 9, 1997 and it had 19.1 million viewers. Star Gillian Anderson won the Emmy for Best Actress for her work here.

Keeping with the Scully focus in this episode, we have Time with 8 questions for Gillian Anderson. Then it’s discussion time, when we reflect on the incredible acting of the leads and their amazing chemistry, the evolution of the Lone Gunmen, what Skinner is willing to do to help his agents, and the price he will pay for it with the Cigarette Smoking Man.

In the Spooky Drawer (via the X-Files Wiki) we learn that the episode was created in just a few days, plus we discuss the role of the narration by Scully, the use of the show’s mythology, why Scully had to have cancer, and a deleted take that sent shippers over the edge.

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