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Lie down and rest with us in this week’s chilling and touching episode, “Clyde Bruckman’s Final Repose”. It was written by Darin Morgan and directed by David Nutter. The original air date was October 13, 1995 and it had 15.38 million viewers. The episode guest-starred Peter Boyle as Clyde Bruckman, and he deservedly won an Emmy for best supporting actor for it.

We have a cool X-Files news segment for you from Yahoo TV where series star David Duchovny talks about his ‘shorthand’ with Gillian Anderson! Then we dive into the episode discussion, talking about the choice of this episode as one of the “10 Essential” selections by Chris Carter, the stellar job Peter Boyle does losing himself in the role, Mulder as a skeptic, and of course the Stupendous Yappi!

The Spooky Drawer (via the X-Files Wiki) reveals the link between this episode and a previous “10 Essential” “Beyond the Sea”, having Peter Boyle on the show and his subsequent career, and TV Guide’s rating this episode number 10 of its top 100 of all time back in 1997.

Looking for more episodes of The X-Files to watch but don’t have the time to watch the entire series? Check out TV Guide’s “17 X-Files Episodes to Watch Beofore it Returns.”

Is it just us, or does The Killer look just like Alfredo Linguini from Ratatoulle when he’s in the bellman uniform?
Clyde Bruckman

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