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Flukie is here! Yes, everyone’s favorite monster of the week is on our minds and hopefully not in our plumbing in this wonderfully creepy episode from Season 2 entitled “The Host.” This was written by Chris Carter and directed by Daniel Sackheim, and the original air date was September 23, 1994. The show had 15.9 million viewers that week.

In this week’s X-Files news segment we found a great interview from The Hollywood Reporter with Mitch Pileggi previewing AD Skinner’s return! Afterwards is our in-depth discussion of the episode, wherein we talk about Skinner and Mulder’s relationship, the scolex, Russians, Chernobyl, and the mysterious person aiding Mulder who won’t let the X-Files investigations die!

Our look in the Spooky Drawer (via the X-Files Wiki) examines why the episode is an unusual one for Chris Carter, the origins of the episode, and the origins of role of Darin Morgan’s roles in the show.

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