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Just when you think the X-Files can’t get any better you watch the Season 1 finale “The Erlenmeyer Flask” and discover it can! This tour-de-force has a great twist at the end and really does a great job setting up the second season. It was written by Chris Carter and directed by R. W. Goodwin. The original air date was May 13, 1994 and garnered 14 million viewers.

For our X-Files news segment we feature a piece on TVLine that reveals that singer Michael Bublé was fired as an extra in Season 3 of the X-Files. Then we have our episode discussion about all the crazy goodness including requisite nighttime chase scenes, alien-human hybrids, baby aliens, the murder of fan favorite character Deep Throat, and the shutdown of the X-Files!

Inside the Spooky Drawer (via the X-Files Wiki) we learn about the origins of the alien gasses, the role of genetics research in the show, why Deep Throat had to die, and why the X-Files investigations were suspended.

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