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Episode 1×13 “Beyond the Sea” remains a highlight of the entire series. The astounding performance of guest star Brad Dourif and Gillian Anderson’s ability to go toe-to-toe with him raise the bar on our expectations going forward. It was written by Glen Morgan & James Wong and directed by David Nutter. It aired on originally on January 7, 1994 and had 10.8 million viewers.

In X-Files news, we check out Bustle with a story on why the just released X-Files’ revival first look will make you even more excited for the upcoming series. Then we get into the episode, which is one of the first horror shows of the series. It features the demise of Scully’s father, a kidnapping, a brewery and a prison. Death row inmate Luther Lee Boggs (Dourif) offers to reveal the whereabouts of two kidnapped teenagers in exchange for clemency. He tries to use an unusually believing Scully to save himself from the gas chamber, while a skeptical Mulder urges caution.

Next up is a look inside the Spooky Drawer via the X-Files Wiki to learn about the impetus to help humanize Scully, the reason the show almost didn’t get made, why the song “Beyond the Sea” became such a big part, how the director treated working with Brad Dourif, and why the episode is such a favorite of Chris Carter and its influence beyond Season 1.
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