In episode 34 of We Have To Go Back Podcast we take a look back at LOST season 3 episode 19, “The Brig” and season 3 episode 20, “The Man Behind the Curtain.” In the Locke centric “The Brig” we see the events that transpired after Locke left the Dharma barracks with Ben Linus and The Others. When Locke is unable to kill his father, Anthony Cooper, we see Richard Alpert step in and give Locke information that will lead him to seek out the assistance of Sawyer. In a dramatic scene, Sawyer finally comes face to face with the man responsible for the death of his parents.

In “The Man Behind the Curtain” we see Locke return to the camp of The Others with his dead father and demand to be taken to see Jacob. However, when Ben and Locke show up to Jacob’s cabin, only Locke hears a message from Jacob. In flashback we see Ben’s birth and arrival on the island, the verbal and emotional abuse his father subjected him to, and the end of DHARMA on the day of the purge.

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