On our look back at Lost this week we revisit Lost season 2 episode 5, “…And Found” and episode, 6, “Abandoned.”  In “…And Found” we see the story of how Jin and Sun met and the unlikely events that led up to their encounter.  On the island we see Sun frantically searching for her wedding ring, Michael goes off on his own to look for Walt, only to be brought back by Mr. Eko and Jin.  In “Abandoned” we see Shannon’s back story of feeling abandoned after the death of her father and her step mother cuts her off.  On the island we see Shannon seek out Walt because she is convinced he is in trouble.  However, when she follows the vision of Walt into the jungle, Ana Lucia doesn’t realize who she is, and kills her.

We share our thoughts about each of these events and look at how these events will shape the future of the show.  Does looking back at this episode change the way we feel about Sayid and Shannon being together in the series finale?  Now that we know all that we do about the tailies and Ana Lucia, do we find her less abrasive?   We reveal our opinions on those questions, discuss the music, the relationship between Charlie and Claire and much more in this episode of We Have To Go Back Podcast!

Next up: “The Other 48 Days” and “Collision.”

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