We’re looking at Locke and Jack this week as we rewatch LOST season 1 episodes 19 and 20, “Deus Ex Machina” and “Do No Harm.”  In “Deus Es Machina” we see Locke and Boone’s discovery of the Beechcraft airplane, and Boone’s severe injuries sustained when the airplane falls off a cliff.  In flashback we meet John’s father, Anthony Cooper, and see him pull the long con to swindle John out of his kidney.  We discuss John’s tragic past, the tie-ins that the Beechcraft, Anthony Cooper, and the radio transmission from inside the Beechcraft will have in future episodes.

In “Do No Harm” we see Jack’s unrelenting drive to save Boone, and birth of Claire’s baby.  In flashback we see Jack and Sarah’s wedding, and learn that Jack once “fixed” Sarah.  We discuss the emotional roller coaster of this episode, the brilliant acting, and how Michael Giacchino’s musical score completed the dramatic effect of the episode.

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