Welcome to the We Have To Go Back Podcast, a Lost revisited podcast.  In episode 01 we take a look back at the 2-part Lost Pilot.  We share some of our favorite moments from the two episodes and talk about some of the main themes of Lost that were established in these initial episodes.  We discuss Jack and his position as the de facto leader, the musical score, early theories we had about the smoke monster, and the humor that Charlie and Hurley bring during moments of intensity.  We also talk about early clues we had about the DHARMA Initiative, which characters we didn’t like at this point, and discuss how some of the characters will develop over the course of 6 season.  Our Lost in Literature segment from Emilee (@Fauxmeonce on Twitter) discusses Aldous Huxley’s Island (Affiliate Link).

Next week we’ll be discussing Lost season 1 episodes 3 & 4 entitled, “Tabula Rasa” and “Walkabout” respectively.  Send in your favorite Lost moments, theories you had for these episodes, or your fun Lost memories by calling 304-837-2278.

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