Season 2 of LOST began with one of the most mind-blowing opening sequences as we see a man doing laundry, making a smoothie, listening to music, and enjoying many modern amenities that you would not expect on the island.  As Locke and Jack blow open the hatch and we realize that a man was living inside, all of our minds were opened to the vast possibilities that LOST could bring.  In “Man of Science, Man of Faith” we talk about Kate, Locke, and Jack’s journey into the hatch, creepy wet Walt, Hurley’s admission that he was in a mental institution, and the revelation of Desmond Hume.  We also talk about the off-island story of Jack fixing Sarah, the death of Shannon’s dad, and Jack’s obsessive personality.

In “Adrift” we see Michael and Sawyer floating on remnants of the raft, Michael distraught about the abduction of his son, Sawyer struggling with his bullet wound, and their eventual reunion with Jin.  We talk about Michael being forced to give Walt to Susan and how that will drive him to find Walt again.  We also talk about Kate’s perspective on entering the hatch, the food pantry, and more!

Here’s the link to the movie that has Henry Ian Cusick as Jesus.


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