In episode 21 of We Have To Go Back Podcast we take a look back at Lost season 2 episode 17, “Lockdown” and episode 18, “Dave.”  In Lockdown we learn more about Lock’s life before the crash of Oceanic flight 815.  We see that his relationship with Helen is now very serious and he is preparing to propose.  However, Anthony Cooper fakes his own death and convinces Locke to help him recover some stolen money and Locke loses Helen in the process.  On island we see Lock pinned underneath the blast door in the Swan Hatch and forced to rely on Henry Gale for help.  The lockdown event also reveals a map of other DHARMA stations and research information on the blast door.

In “Dave” we see a flashback to Hurley’s time in Santa Rosa Mental Health Institute and Hurley’s imaginary friend, Dave.  Dave appears to Hurley on the island after Hurley struggles with his eating disorder and another DHARMA food pallet is found.  Libby helps Hurley overcome his insecurities and the hallucinations of Dave, but in an unexpected twist, we learn that Libby was actually in Santa Rosa at the same time as Hurley.  Down in the hatch, Henry Gale’s story is proved to be a lie when Sayid, Ana Lucia, and Charlie discover the body of the real Henry Gale.

Next up: the Rose and Barnard centric episode “S.O.S.” and the Ana Lucia centric episode “Two For the Road.”

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Here’s the interview with Damon Lindelof from the 2013 Austin Film Festival.
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Here’s The Twilight Zone episode entitled, “An Occurrence at Own Creek Bridge.”
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