In our look back at LOST this week, we’re reviewing the season 2 episodes, “The Long Con” and “One of Them.”  The Sawyer-centric episode “The Long Con” features a back story that introduces the audience to Cassidy Phillips, one of Sawyer’s marks.  He takes her for $600,000, but this won’t be the last time that we see Cassidy.  On the island we see Sawyer pull a long con on Jack and Locke that uses Kate, Ana Lucia and Charlie as pawns to help him gain control of the guns.

In “One of Them” we see the introduction of Henry Gale.  Of course, we will come to know him by his real name, Benjamin Linus, but for now, we’ll still call him Henry.  In this Sayid-centric episode we see Sayid resort to torture methods to determine if Henry is really an innocent man from Minnesota who crashed on the island, or if he is really one of the Others.  In flashback we see the moments that led up to Sayid becoming a torturer and his life intersecting with Kate’s step-dad, Sam Austen, and former Swan Hatch button pusher, Kelvin Inman.

Next up: the Claire centric episode “Maternity Leave” and the Sun centric episode “The Whole Truth.”

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