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Talking Through The King, the Widow, and Rick

On this episode of The Walking Dead Talk Through, we discuss Season 8, Episode 6 of The Walking Dead, which is titled The King, the Widow and Rick. For this episode, I am joined by guest hosts Reese Nicole Brown of The Introverted Nerd Watches, who returns a second time after recently appearing as a guest host for S8E1 Mercy, and Steve Brown, no relation! Both guest hosts did a fantastic job discussing this episode!

The King, the Widow, and Rick is a Misleading Title!

The title of this episode, The King, the Widow, and Rick, is very misleading. Although there was a fair bit of Maggie in this episode, we see very little of King Ezekiel and only a little of Rick. Unfortunately, we also saw a lot more of the Trash People than we bargained for! Ewww!!!!!!!!!!!

Isn’t it about the characters?

One thing that I neglected to mention during the recording was that The Walking Dead often has problems when its characters behave in a way against their personalities, and possibly against logic, in order to service the plot. e.g. Character A has to do this to make plot point 1 work, and Character B has to do that to make plot point 2 work, despite both actions are out of character. Unfortunately, we had a ton of that in this episode. Stories work best when the plot comes out organically from the characters, not the other way around.

Stay tuned for the TWD/FTWD Crossover coverage next episode!

Please note that we will not be covering the crossover announcement this episode. Instead, will be releasing a separate episode of Fear the Walking Dead Talk Through on Saturday, covering the crossover, where the three of us are joined by my Fear co-host, Kyle McAdams!!!

Our feedback deadline will be a day early next week, so please leave your feedback by 6pm Eastern/5 Central on Monday, Dec. 4th for S8E7, titled “Time for After”. Although the guest host schedule is already booked until the mid-season finale, I could always use more people to add to the stand by list, plus we may do additional hiatus episodes. If you’re interested in appearing as a guest, please contact me. Most likely, the permanent co-host will be from one of the guests you’ll hear during this period. Only one will be chosen!

Other Fun Stuff Completely Unrelated to The King, the Widow, and Rick!

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