It has been 353 days since Eleven has seen her friends. Mike called to her each and every night. The reunion is sweet but the joy is short lived. Will is getting weaker and the Demo-dogs are still prowling around. Mike is angry at Hopper for keeping Eleven isolated. Hopper explains that he was protecting her and keeping everyone else safe. In this moment I realized how much the kids lean on Joyce and Hopper because the other adults don’t have a clue what is going on.

A plan is beginning to come together. Eleven is confident she can close the gate so Hopper takes her to the lab. Joyce realizes that they are always playing into the Monster’s hand. Always giving it what it wants. Mike reminds them that if they close the gate before Will is separated from the Mind Flayer he will die. The creature likes it cold so let’s stop playing by its rules. Joyce, Jonathan and Nancy take Will to a remote cabin. They are going to burn this parasite out of him.

On the way to the lab Hopper and Eleven have a heartfelt conversation in the truck. They both apologize for breaking the rules and being stupid. Hopper opens up to Eleven about his daughter Sara. Hopper says he has felt lost since the black hole took his daughter. Sometimes his decisions are motivated by wanting to keep Eleven safe. He never wants to lose Eleven too.

Karen Wheeler reading her romance novel

Max and the boys are left under the supervision of Steve. Steve says they must stay on the bench. He says the stakes are too high. Mike disagrees. Mike has another idea. They can enter the tunnel through the hole that Hopper dug. Then they can make their way to the hub and light the vines on fire. Hopefully this will draw the Demo-dogs towards them and away from Eleven so she can close the gate. The plan is interrupted by the arrival of Billy looking for Max. He is also looking for a fight. He beats Steve unconscious for trying to deceive him. Steve was trying to protect Max and he payed a painful price for it. Max takes matters into her own hands stabbing Billy with a leftover syringe filled with sedative. Max then steals Billy’s keys. She is the the Zoomer.

After a wild ride with Max at the wheel the party arrives at the tunnels. It is a perilous journey underground with vines grabbing, slime squirting and Demo-dogs lurking. Back at the cabin things are heating up. As Will’s temperature increases so does his rage. He is able to break free of the ties binding him and begins to choke Joyce. Nancy grabs a white hot fire poker and touches Will with it. Immediately black veins appear on his neck. He opens his mouth and darkness spills out of him and escapes into the night. The connection between Will and the Mind Flayer is broken. Jonathan immediately contacts Hopper on the radio to let him know it is safe to close the gate.

Max and the boys manage to set a fire in the hub drawing the Demo-dogs away from the gate. The Mind Flayer is vulnerable without its army. In the tunnels the group attempts to run for safety when they are faced by Dart. Dustin is able to placate Dart by sharing a candy with him. Dart allows them to pass. Everyone has made it to safely except Dustin and Steve. There are so many Demo-dogs and I don’t think they will be persuaded by candy like Dart.

Eleven begins to close the gate using the techniques that Kali taught her. Feeling threatened the Mind Flayer calls his army back to him and all the Demo-dogs run towards the gate. This is the best news for Dustin and Steve who were severely outnumbered. Hopper fends off the animals with a gun as Eleven focuses all her energy on the gate. At the moment it closes the Demo-dogs all fall down dead. The battle is won and Eleven collapses in Hopper’s arm.

One month after the gate is closed the world has received the message on the cassettes that Murray mailed out. The Military is investigating the events. A formal story about a chemical leak at the lab leading to the death of Barb is released. Dr. Owens who managed to escape death has a early Christmas gift for Hopper. Eleven now has a birth certificate. Step one to a normal life. As for the kids, it is time for the annual Snow Ball. Lucas awkwardly asks Max to dance and she accepts. Another girl asks “zombie boy” Will to accompany her to the dance floor. Dustin’s invitations to dance are rejected despite his hair being awesome. Eleven has been given permission to go to the dance so Mike’s night just got a lot better. Both admitting they don’t know how to dance they decide to figure it out together. Nancy swoops in to save Dustin from sadness. Showing those silly Middle School girls what they are missing. All is happy and peaceful in Hawkins. However just below the surface in the Upside Down a storm is brewing. The Gate is closed but perhaps the Monster is not defeated.

What! That’s the last episode! Now what do I do? Do not worry the Stranger Things Podcast will get you through the hiatus. Even if it is longer than we thought. Darrell and Addi will keep us connected to show news and a variety of other topics. Have something you want to share head to Don’t worry no monsters will scare us away. We will continue to report on all things Strange in Hawkins.

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