“The Mind Flayer” begins as Jim Hopper stares in horror as the Demo-dog climbs out of the abyss. Dr. Owens says the creature cannot get through the glass but he is wrong. The demo-dog roars to his friends and together they break through and enter the lab. Dr. Owens sounds the alarm but it’s too late. The attack has begun! They are plunged into darkness as the power goes out and the Demo-dogs obtain free reign of the lab.

Mike insists that Will must go to sleep. He is the spy and cannot be allowed to see what they are doing. Joyce injects Will with a sedative. Meanwhile Dustin is apologizing for hiding Dart. He says Lucas can kick him out of the party and give the space to his girlfriend. Speaking of Max her parents come home and find her missing. After a tense and somewhat violent conversation with his Father Billy is sent to look for her. Bob has a plan. Bob Newby, the Superhero, can work magic on a computer. He makes Hopper promise that he will get Joyce and Will out no matter what happens.

Bob makes it to the main computer terminal and restores power. He unlocks the automatic doors and activates the sprinklers to divert the Demo-dogs. This allows Joyce and Will safe passage. Using the security cameras Dr. Owens attempts to find a safe path for Bob as the Demo-dogs continue to stalk around the facility. Forced to hide in a closet to avoid one of these creatures it appears Bob is safe for now. However a sudden noise draws attention to his position and a Demo-dog gives chase. Hopper tries to defeat them but there are too many. The Demo-dog overtakes Bob and sinks its many teeth into him. With the Demo-dogs distracted by the fresh kill Hopper and Joyce are able to escape.

Back at the Byers’ house the team starts to make a plan. Hopper attempts to call for Military back up. Unfortunately no one believes his story of demon dogs killing people in Hawkins. The boys once again turn to the game of Dungeons and Dragons for answers. They know that whatever they are facing is taking over Will’s consciousness. The Mind Flayer is a creature that is psychologically attached to its minions. He uses his minions to take over entire dimensions. How do you defeat a Mind Flayer? A Zombie Army, of course, because they have no brains to control. Alas, there are no Zombies available so another solution must be found. Will is connected to the monster. They must use this advantage to expose it’s weakness.

mind flayer2

The team must interrogate Will without disclosing their location. The shed is the perfect place. Joyce, Jonathan and Mike take turns sharing memories with Will. They want to draw Will’s consciousness away from the Mind Flayer. The monster is fighting back. It doesn’t let Will respond verbally except to scream “ Let me go.” Hopper then notices that Will is tapping his fingers behind his back. It is Morse code. Will is in there and has a message for them. Close the Gate!

Suddenly the phone begins to ring. Will seems to go into a trance. Their position has been revealed and the Mind Flayer sends in the dogs. Everyone is on alert armed with guns, nail bat and wrist rocket. They are as ready as they can be. The growling grows closer and seems to be coming from multiple directions. They are surrounded. Then a Demo-dog comes flying through the window. Standing in shock they turn in horror as the chain on the door begins to unlock. It is Eleven back in Hawkins. She opened the gate and she intends to close it.

I have so many questions! Most importantly will everyone in the party survive this mission? Join us for The Stranger Things Podcast as things continue to get Stranger in Hawkins.


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