Eleven is traumatized by what she sees in Terry’s dream loop. Mama wants her to find the other girl in the rainbow room. Becky kept all the files that Terry collected of the missing children. Terry always believed that this conspiracy was bigger then just her daughter. The channel Eight news is playing on the television. Eleven goes to lay down and focus on the picture she found in her mother’s file. In her dream she finds what she is looking for. Eleven rushes to share her discovery with Becky and finds her talking on the phone. Fearful of being taken back to the “bad men” Eleven steals money from Becky’s wallet and flees into the night.

Eleven arrives in Chicago and begins to search the alleys of the city. In an abandoned warehouse Eleven shows the picture of the girl. Instantly suspicious an imposing punk rocker demands to know who sent her. When Eleven doesn’t answer quickly enough he threatens her with a knife. Suddenly the scary situation turns humorous as the man begins screaming and dancing around for some unseen reason. The girl coming down the stairs is clearly in charge of this group and is also the one Mama has sent her to find. This is the other girl from the rainbow room. She introduces herself as Kali.

Kali makes introductions and reveals her power to Eleven. She can make people see or not see things as she chooses. She also reveals she has the number eight tattooed on her arm. Kali says that clearly Mama intended them to be together and Eleven is home now. Downstairs Kali talks to her crew. She is very excited that Eleven can locate people with just a picture. This will be very helpful in finding and killing the people that hurt them in the past.

In the morning Kali takes Eleven to the junkyard and tells her to move a train car with her mind. Kali coaches her to not think about the weight but to dig deep into her emotions to help her finish the task. Eleven thinks about the “bad men” and the train car moves a small amount. Then she thinks about how she felt when she saw Max and Mike together and the effect is immense. Eleven is able to pull the mammoth car towards her. As the crew cheers her on Eleven collapses in exhaustion. Later Kali shows Eleven a series of pictures and asks her if she recognizes anyone. She picks Ray Carroll who she recognizes as the man that gave her mother electric shock therapy. Now that a target has been selected a plan is devised.

On the way to Ray’s house the group tests their skills and steal supplies. First Kali creates an illusion that the bathroom is flooding. Now that the clerk is out of the way the supermarket sweep begins. Of course Eleven goes straight for the Eggos. However before long the clerk realizes there is something going on and faces the gang with a gun. Eleven using telekinesis throws the man against the wall and they all run.

When they arrive at Ray’s house Kali asks Eleven to mentally check the house for occupants. Eleven says he is alone watching television. Kali confronts him asking if he remembers them. She projects images of the little girls they were when he last saw them. Right away he can sense he is in trouble and begins to bargain. He will tell them where Dr. Brenner is. Eleven insists that Papa is dead and begins to choke Ray. Kali provokes Eleven reminding her to not show mercy because no mercy was shown to Mama. When Eleven discovers that Ray has children in the house she releases him from her power. Kali immediately grabs her gun to finish the job but Eleven again using telekinesis sends the gun flying out the window. Kali rounds on her and says “if she wants to show mercy that is her choice but don’t ever take choices away from her.” The children hidden in the bedroom call the Police and wailing sirens send the gang off and running again.

Kali uses her gift to hide them when the police catch up. She projects a mirage of a very tall wall. Kali wants Eleven to stay with her to be a family. Their combined powers would catch so many “bad men”. However Eleven has also been seeing other people in the in between. She saw Hopper apologizing and miserable. She saw Mike screaming about a trap. Kali tries to convince Eleven to stay saying these people can’t save you. She regards Kali seriously and says she must return home because she can save them.

Will the lost sister follow Eleven to Hawkins? I fear that the residents will need all the help they can get. When we were last in the lab a monster was crawling from the dark abyss. Let us not forget there is more than one! It was very interesting to get this Eleven centric episode. It was also exciting to get the reveal of the identity of Eight. However I am anxious to return to Hawkins and find out what the boys are up to. Have ideas about how to defeat the Shadow Monster? Darrell and Addi on The Stranger Things Podcast would love to hear them. Join us next week as things continue to get Stranger.

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