Will is suffering the effects of his “now memories”. He tells Mike that at first the Shadow Monster was in the back of his mind like thoughts from a half remembered dream. Now the monster is in the Upside Down and here. Mike does his best to support his friend. Mike tells Will to use the monster’s invasion of his mind to their advantage. Mike says Will can be a Super Spy. He can gather intelligence to contribute to the monster’s demise.

Hopper is gathering information underground as he continues to explore the tunnels. At the moment the vines spray an unknown substance into his face I thought it might be game over for the Hawkins Police Chief. Meanwhile above ground, Nancy and Jonathan get a Hotel room. They compare the scars they have on their hands from luring the demogorgon and wonder why they only hang out when the world is ending. Jonathan says he has been distant because Will needed him and of course there is Steve. Nancy shuts down the conversation at that point and asks for the lights to be shut off.

Mrs Henderson is looking for her cat. When she comes back in the house Dustin is faking a phone conversation with a neighbor. He makes up a story saying that the cat has been seen in a nearby subdivision and she should go there and look. He offers to stay by the phone in case another call comes in. Now that his Mom is sufficiently distracted Dustin calls a Code Red. Desperately he proceeds to erase evidence of the cat’s fate. He can’t reach Hopper, Lucas, or Mike. Where is everyone? Resigned to taking matters into his own hands he arms himself with hockey equipment and cold cuts. Dustin opens the storm cellar and entices Dart outside with the lunch meat. His plan nearly backfires as Dart begins to stalk him. In a moment of true heroism Dustin uses his hockey stick to launch the creature into the cellar.

Since Hopper is fighting for survival in the tunnels Eleven is left unsupervised. She gets a Truck Driver to take her to the address she found in Terry’s file. At the Ives’ home Becky does not want to let Eleven in. Using her telekinesis Eleven opens the door and demands to see her Mama. Terry sits in a rocking chair watching Game Shows seemingly unaware of her surroundings. Becky explains to Eleven that her Mother is stuck in a dream and she hopes it’s a good one.


I am sure Hopper wishes he was stuck in a dream as he continues to fight the vines. Just as we have seen in previous episodes fire is a good weapon. He is also leaving cigarette butts to mark his path. However it seems wherever he goes the vines follow him.

dig dug2

Nancy and Jonathan need help if they are going to take down the Lab. They seek out Murray because he might be just crazy enough to believe them. In his home Murray has constructed a timeline of Barb’s disappearance. Nancy says the timeline is wrong. After hearing Nancy’s tape and thinking with some vodka. Murray says the truth is too strong. Like his drink it needs to be watered down to be more palatable. Maybe it is not the whole truth but it will take the Lab down just the same.

Back at the Ives’ home Becky shows Eleven the room her Mother had set up for her. She offers to let Eleven move in with her. As they are talking the lights begin to flicker. Becky says it is bad wiring but Eleven knows it is Mama. When Eleven enters the in between with Terry she learns quickly that this is not a happy dream. The word Breathe represents Becky telling her to breathe as her labor is starting and help is on the way. Sunflowers are what she sees when she opens her eyes after Eleven is born. Three to the right and four to the left was a safe combination. Terry steals a gun from a safe to go after the Doctor who stole her baby. There was a Rainbow on the door of the room where Terry saw Eleven as a toddler. Four hundred fifty is the amount of current they put through Terry’s brain during electro shock therapy. Eleven breaks down crying after experiencing her Mother’s pain.

It is Joyce that discovers the black lines connect in Will’s drawings but beyond that she is having trouble figuring out the significance. Thank goodness Bob comes over at that very moment. Joyce shows him the drawings throughout the house. He notices some familiar shapes and says he thinks this is all a map of Hawkins. Will has a vision of Hopper in his “now memories” and they mark the spot on the map. Then Bob works to decipher the scale so they can find Hopper’s exact location.

Max arrives at the Arcade to play her favorite game Dig Dug but Lucas has bribed the Arcade Employee to have a private place to talk to her. Lucas tells Max the truth about Will and Eleven and all the events of the past year. Max thinks it is an elaborate story and doesn’t take him seriously. Lucas says there are many rules in the party but the most important is that friends don’t lie. He tries to impress upon her that not only is he telling the truth but she must keep the information secret for everyone’s safety. Billy arrives to pick her up and I am left wondering if she is safe with him. He is not happy at all to find her talking to Lucas. Max assures Billy that Lucas means nothing to her. Billy responds with “You know what happens when you lie”. I have so many questions. Why are Max and Billy in Hawkins? How are they related? Where are the parents?

Hopper is living a real life version of Dig Dug. Luckily Bob got the map scale just about right and Will got them the rest of the way with his vision. Joyce tells the boys to stay in the car. She has Bob lower her down the hole that Hopper dug. When they find Hopper he is being strangled by the vines. Joyce hacks away at the deadly tendrils as Hopper chokes. Bob and Joyce manage to pull him free then Scientists arrive with flamethrowers. As they begin burning the vines Will begins seizing. His life force and that of the Shadow Monster are deeply entwined. It appears that that you cannot hurt the Monster without also hurting Will. Can the Monster and Will be separated? Will anyone believe the evidence that Nancy collected? How long can Dart be contained in the storm cellar? If you have thoughts of your own to share Darrell and Addi would love to hear from you on The Stranger Things Podcast. Catch you next week in Hawkins where things continue to get Stranger.

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