Dustin caught something in his ghost trap but it is certainly not a ghost. His mom is very suspicious of Dustin’s skittish behavior. After evicting his turtle from its aquarium it is revealed that Dustin has captured a small slug like creature. Good news it likes Halloween candy and Dustin has plenty of that.

In a flashback we see the day that Eleven revealed herself to Hopper. We see them setting up the cabin. Rules are established. Keep the curtains drawn. Don’t open the door unless you hear the secret knock. Don’t go out alone especially in the daytime. Eleven is frustrated by Hopper continually telling her soon she can see Mike. She wants a definite answer to the end of her isolation.

Bob takes Will to school. On the way they have a conversation about standing up to your fears. Nancy missed her first class because Steve did not pick her up. Steve said he assumed Jonathan would pick her up. Nancy says she has no memory of the night before. It is clear that Steve is still hurt by the things that Nancy said that night.

Dustin has smuggled the creature into school and has named him Dart. Reptiles are usually exothermic but Dart doesn’t like heat or light. He doesn’t need water. Maybe this is not a pollywog after all. After a little research at the library Dustin is convinced he has discovered a new species. When Will sees Dart he has a flashback of coughing up a slug. When the creature screeches Will is further traumatized. The boys consider telling Mr Clark but chicken out. Max is annoyed that the boys won’t let her in. She picks the lock and Dart escapes into the school. The little Pollywog is on the move.


Hopper continues to investigate the slime. When he draws circles on a map of affected area they radiate out with the lab in the center. He confronts Dr. Owens blaming him and his experiments for the dead crops. Dr. Owens tells Hopper to keep things quiet as the scientists work on the problem.

In a flashback Eleven asks Hopper if she has a mother. He tells her that of course she has a mother but she is gone. This left me wondering if we will get more information about Eleven’s mother this season. While Hopper is at work Eleven breaks the rules. She goes out during the day and her powers are seen by a mother and her young child. The police are called to the incident and it seems as though Murray might not be crazy after all. Maybe there is a Russian girl with crazy powers. Eleven makes it to Hawkins Middle School looking for Mike. When she arrives Mike is talking to Max who wants a permanent place in their party. Mike is skeptical. He says all the positions are full. He begins listing each person’s position and mentions that Eleven is their Mage. Max asks if she can do magic. Mike says that El had to move away and tries to change the subject. Max rides her skateboard around mike saying she wants the position of Zoomer. Eleven witnesses this scene and in her jealousy uses her powers to make Max fall off her skateboard then leaves.

Joyce watches the video from Halloween night and sees Will be bullied. That is not all she sees. When Joyce pauses the video she sees a shadow. Using thin paper she makes a tracing of it. When she compares her crayon scribbles to Will’s pencil drawing they are very similar. What is it?

The search for Dart continues. The boys go in all different directions. Will finds the creature in a bathroom. Will runs out of the room. Whenever he is near Dart, Will has flashbacks of the Upside Down. Are they really flashbacks or does Will now possess “the sight” allowing him to see into the ethereal plane? Jonathan told Nancy that Will is home but is not the same. Dustin finds Dart and hides him under his hat then tells his friends he can’t find him. I am worried that Dustin is starting to be more loyal to the creature. I hope he does not choose this pollywog over his friends.

In the final scene Will is facing down the monster. Will does not back down and the tentacles reach inside him. Do you have theories about what will happen next? Darrell and Addi would love to hear from you on The Stranger Things Podcast. Catch you next week in Hawkins where things continue to get Stranger.

Will Dart grow into the Monster Will is Facing?

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