Regarded as one of the best sequels ever made, Aliens also serves as one of the main influences of Stranger Things. As we continue our series looking at the movies that inspired Stranger Things, we turn to fellow Golden Spiral Media host, Corey Meltcalfe to help make the journey to LV-426. We discuss our favorite moments from the film, memories from the first time each of us watched it, fun facts about the film, and of course, how it ties into Stranger Things. We also share their listener feedback as well as telling news about things related to Stranger Things. Some of our favorite moments include Ripley’s and Newt’s moments together, Ripley vs. the alien queen, and when Ripley decides to go back for Newt.

In our news section we share an article from Geek Tyrant where David Harbour says the Stranger Things ending has been decided, an article from Nerdist revealing a secret message discovered in the new Stranger Things book, and a Craigslist page offering Barb’s Volkswagen Cabriolet.

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