David Ward from the Don’t Blink podcast joins us for this episode of The Stranger Things Podcast as we discuss the 1984 film Ghostbusters. David is a fan of Ghostbusters and cosplays as a ghostbuster (as well of other characters from other movies and shows). They talk about news, including some new revelations from Shawn Levy and David Harbour about season 3, and an exciting announcement from McFarlane Toys featuring the Stranger Things kids figures in their Ghostbusters uniforms.

They talk about fun facts about the film and how it ties into Stranger Things. They discuss memories from the 1st time they saw the movie and their favorite scenes. Addi loved the scene with the giant marshmallow man and Darrell loved the scene with the mayor.

Here’s an image of the new Ghostbusters Deluxe Box 4-Pack from McFarlane Toys.

Here’s the quote from costume designer, Kim Wilcox, and an image that shows the differences in each costume.

“We thought about how these boys and their moms would have come up with these costumes. Some of the wealthier moms might have been able to go and buy a little suit to trick out, but Joyce doesn’t have the money to do that. Her family just kind of gets by with her one salary; most of their clothes come from the thrift store, or they rewear stuff they’ve had for years and years and years. We love the scene where she is hand-sewing the little Ghostbusters logo onto the costume that she’s made.” -Kim Wilcox, Costume Designer, Stranger Things

Stranger Things Ghostbusters School Hallway

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