Joining us today are Karen and John from the Maid of Steel Podcast! We take a look back at Stranger Things 2 and get their perspective on quite a few things.

  • Feelings share our thoughts about “The Lost Sister.”
  • Were we satisfied with Barb’s death resolution?
  • We break down our thoughts on the new characters Bob, Max, Billy, Dr. Owens, Erica Sinclair, and Murray Bauman.
  • What were Dustin’s motives for keeping Dart?
  • How big of a role will Jonathan, Nancy, Steve, and Billy play in Stranger Things 3?
  • Will Stranger Things 3 put Will in harm’s way again?
  • What will be different about Eleven when we see her next?

We’re also going to be attending Fan Expo Dallas! If you’re going to be there too, let us know so we can meet you!

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