The boys question Eleven and Mike nicknames her El. Hopper believes the storm blew out Joyce’s phone but she insists it was Will. Mike brings Eleven an Eggo while she’s playing with his Walkie-Talkie. She points out to Mike that they can’t tell anyone about her being there because they are in danger with “Bad People.” Dr. Brenner listens to a phone call between Joyce and a receptionist at the police office. Nancy gets invited to a party at Steve’s. Mike skips school to hang out with Eleven and she enjoys the la-z-boy that is in his living room. Jonathan has a flashback of when he and will were listening to “Should I Stay or Should I Go” by The Clash and in the background Joyce is yelling at her ex-husband, Lonnie. Jonathan sees Will is a little upset so he tells him some reasons to not be.

Joyce goes to the store where she works to get a new phone and she needs a two-week advance, but her boss was reluctant giving it to her. The scientists look through the Byers’ house and find some slimy stuff inside the shed. El somehow recognizes Will in a photo and points him out to Mike. Mike’s mom comes home and they run back upstairs but she hears them and Mike tells her that he didn’t feel well. Eleven has a flashback to being locked in a closet. Hopper goes to Benny’s burgers and concludes that Benny killed himself. Jonathan goes to Lonnie’s house to look for Will. Mike tells Dustin and Lucas about El knowing about Will. Jonathan gets into a fight with his dad. Hopper interviews one of Benny’s friends who says there was a little boy in the kitchen with a buzz cut nearly to the scalp, and Hopper wonders if it could possibly be Will. Mr. Clarke finds a piece of fabric next to the tunnel leading into Hawkins lab.

Barb and Nancy go to the party at Steve’s. Eleven shows the boys where will is with the help of Dungeons and Dragons. Jonathan starts taking pictures of Carol, Tommy, Steve, Nancy, and Barb at the party. Barb ends up cutting herself when trying to open a beer can. Steve pushes Nancy in the pool. Joyce gets another phone call from Will and sees something trying to come out of the wall. When Nancy goes upstairs to get dry clothes, she tells Barb to go home. Barb sits on the diving board and Jonathan takes more pictures. He looks down for a second and she’s gone.

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