Trick or Treat, Freak opens with Eleven in the Upside Down yelling for Mike. At the end of a hallway she notices a light. There is a hole covered in a slimy substance that She realizes she can stick her hand through. She concentrates and uses her special gift to make the hole bigger so she may pass through. She has done it. Eleven has escaped the Upside Down. Unfortunately her problems have just begun. In a weakened state she makes her way back to the Wheeler house.

When she arrives the house is completely surrounded by Police. The Authorities are interviewing every member of the family. Those in charge are saying that Eleven is a spy and extremely dangerous. Also it is their expectation that if any new information comes to light it will be reported to them immediately. Mike is uncooperative. He says that he doesn’t know where Eleven is and if he did he would never tell. Meanwhile Eleven hides in the woods to evade capture

It is Halloween 1984 and all the boys are getting ready for school. Joyce panics when Will is not in his room. She questions Will about his drawing of a tentacled creature. Tension is mounting in the house as the anniversary of the abduction approaches. With Proton packs in tow, the boys bike to school. They are shocked to find their classmates are not in the spirit of the day. They are the only ones in costumes. Despite their embarrassment Dustin and Lucas take the opportunity to ask Max to join them for trick-or-treating.


At the lab a Technician is sent through a breach to enter the Upside Down. He replaces an electrical box and the control panel at the lab lights up. I wonder what is going on? What is the lab researching about the Upside Down? What will the consequences be? I wonder if these holes between our world and the Upside Down explain the putrid slimy substance that is killing the crops?

Nancy is struggling with guilt over what happened to Barb. She feels like Steve and the rest of the world has moved on and forgotten her friend. She wants to tell the Authorities the truth but Steve worries about the ramifications on their families. This leads to Nancy drinking too much at the Halloween party and a fight with Steve. Luckily Jonathan was there to take her home.

Eleven is feeling isolated in the cabin and wants to go trick-or-treating. Hopper says it is too risky even in her ghost costume and teaches her a new word. Compromise means halfway happy. Hopper agreed to come home early, eat candy, and watch a movie with Eleven.

Mike is not happy that Dustin and Lucas invited Max trick-or-treating and neither is Will. When the boys race to keep up with Max, Will falls behind. Some kids start calling him a freak and a zombie boy. He falls backwards and hallucinates that he is back in the Upside Down. The many tentacled monster is looming. Mike runs back to check on Will and the other boys are not far behind. I love the way the boys look out for each other.

Trick-or-treating is over and Will and Mike are talking. Will says he thinks he is going crazy. Will compares his life to a view master stuck in between two slides. One foot in the Upside Down the other in our world. Mike tells Will that if Eleven were there she would understand. Mike says that sometimes he hears Eleven in his head. Mike assures Will that if he is going crazy they will go together.

Eleven is angry that Hopper fails to keep his promise to come home early. She shuts herself in a room, covers her eyes and turns the tv to snow. This sensory deprivation allows her to talk to Mike inside her mind

As the episode draws to a close I am still left wondering what brought Max and Billy to Hawkins? What is this tentacled monster? Most importantly what is in Dustin’s garbage can? Do you have questions or theories? Darrell and Addi would love to hear about them. Head over to the The Stranger Things Podcast and leave some feedback. Catch you next week for another strange report from Hawkins Indiana.

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