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12 Monkeys Uncaged Episode 39 – Masks Review

The team is splintered in an entirely different way in the episode of 12 Monkeys entitled Masks. Is the fissure between Team Jones and Team Witness too wide to ever bridge again? Will Cole and Cassie finally rekindle the life they lost in the 1950’s here in 1899? Is their mission to save their son from his fate doomed to fail, or is it the only hope for success?

Join us for 12 Monkeys news, commentary and analysis for EP NAME, and our special set visit interview clip! This week we talk about Cassie learning to pick pockets and Cole learning to dance, the amazing masquerade costumes and masks in black and red, the wonderful Rupert Graves as the elder Sebastian, and the questionable wisdom of bringing Olivia into the grand plan.

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