In May 2002 the truth was put on trial. Agent Mulder was accused of murdering a man that couldn’t be killed except by a rare metal. The FBI made a mockery of the trial. They wanted to discredit a man that for nine years did nothing but search for answers. He and his partner Agent Scully specialized in cases other’s try to ignore. Stories buried in the basement and filed under X.

If you watch the final two episodes of the original series simply titled “The Truth” you are in for a treat. Listening to the testimony in Mulder’s trial is a trip down memory lane. There are appearances by Marita Covarrubias, Agent Spender and Gibson Praise just to name a few. All these people come together to lend credence to a man nicknamed “Spooky” long ago. They give evidence of black oil. An alien life form that landed on earth and infected early man. Testimony was given that life on earth sprang forth from a meteor making the human race extraterrestrial by definition.

Next they delve into the subject of abduction victims forced to
carry babies that were part alien. The fear that the Aliens were taking over and they needed a slave race. In the end there is nine seasons of conspiracies, spanning thousands of years all wrapped up in this two hour episode. It is filled with great quotes including. “What is the point of all this? To destroy a man who speaks the truth or to destroy the truth so no man can seek it.” You are reminded of how much has been lost in pursuit of the truth including Mulder and Scully’s only child. William was given up for adoption to keep him safe but what happened next? His birth was witnessed as if he were some messiah! What is his role in all of this? The question of his conception, birth and supernatural abilities has always been shrouded in mystery. A mystery that I really hope is explored in the new episodes.

Did I forget to mention The X Files is returning? In a matter of hours the X Files is reopening. Mulder and Scully are back in a six episode event beginning with a two night premiere January 24th and 25th. How will Fox Mulder handle the world in 2016? How will a man that sees conspiracy around every corner deal with a world in which drones are a reality and a person can be tracked with their cell phone?
At the end of that last episode we leave Mulder and Scully totally committed to each other and to the truth. However in the trailer for the new series it appears that Mulder and Scully did not remain united in these intervening years. What happened? Has Mulder’s obsession taken a toll on their relationship? Has Scully wanted to distance herself from extraterrestrials because it reminds her of her abduction and son? Has the loss of William made it impossible for both of them to carry on as if nothing had changed. What is the phone call that brings them back together after all this time?

I have so many questions but I know the truth is still out there. If you are interested in watching The Truth part 1 and 2 it is streaming on Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime. Watch the new episodes on Fox starting Sunday at 10/9c then continue Monday’s at 8/7c If you are looking for an in depth analysis of the ten Chris Carter essential episodes subscribe to the We Still Believe Podcast. Darrell and Chip have done an awesome job on the classic episodes and will now be covering the new series. Do you know the truth? Please share feedback each week by sending an email or posting on the We Still Believe Facebook page. Conspiracy or not, fact or fiction, send it all in because we still believe.



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