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The Lion King Royal Rumble

by Mouse House Weekly | Golden Spiral Media

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Released in 1994, The Lion King became an instant box office success and spawned video games, multiple television series’, two sequels, a broadway musical, and countless merchandise.  The soundtrack and songs are beloved by millions, while many consider The Lion King to be the best Disney movie of all time.

So when Disney released a new photo-realistic version of The Lion King in 2019, it was obvious from the beginning that the new version had big paws to fill.  The updated version also became a box office success and further solidified The Lion King as one of Disney’s most beloved stories.

But which version is better?  To us, the answer is both- and in this week’s episode, Colby and Darrell take a look at places where each version stands above the other.  Of course, we still have to choose a favorite version and choose which version is the king of The Lion King and which version bows to the other.

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