In episode 505 of The Fringe Podcast we listen to fan feedback we received for the Fringe season 5 episdoe, “In Absentia.”  We received a lot of great feedback and theories from first time callers and other folks that have called in before.  We hear theories on possible tie-ins to ZFT, what might happen to Manfretti once he goes back to work, and how this episode had a lot of LOST and Wizard of Oz parallels.  We also received feedback on the dynamic between Etta/Peter/Olivia and how Etta’s ruthlessness is somewhat reminescent of things we’ve seen from Peter and Olivia in the past.  Other theories include what the Observers might be doing with children and whether or not one of the main cast members will die before the end of the season. Thanks to everyone that sent in feedback for this episode.

Send in your thoughts and theories by calling the Golden Spiral Media voice feedback line at 304-837-2278 or email us at

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