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Case Profile for The Pharmacist

It’s almost like James Spader has done this lawyer thing before, right? This week, Red Reddington, or this dude in his suit anyway, went on trial for his crimes. But before we get there, this week’s Blacklister was The Pharmicist. Spalding Stark told Red he was a rebellious biohacker, dedicated to saving lives. But after the deaths of 5 very sickly test subjects suffering from Motor Cortex Degenerative Disease at Stark’s hands, Red fears he is the worst kind of charlatan — the kind who preys on the weakest among us for financial gain.

We come to find out that Crown Life Pharmaceuticals had inserted a mole who sabotaged Stark’s work to ensure the cure wouldn’t be achieved. Because, as Chris Rock so eloquently put it years ago, the money isn’t in the cure, the money is in the medicine!Stark is getting a lighter sentence, and we are left with a bombshell at the end that Red needs Stark for…something.

Be sure to answer our profiling question of the week: Does Red need the Pharmacist for himself or someone else? Visit ourfeedback page to leave a response or call +1 (304) 837-2278.

The Pharmacist In Pictures

Here are a just a few of our favorite scenes from this week.



The Music of The Pharmacist

Our first tune this week as MCDD patients shuffle their way to see the Pharmacist is “Footsteps” by Caught a Ghost which won’t be on either playlist currently as it is isn’t available in Spotify or Apple music. They are an indie electro soul band based in LA and if you want to check out more of their stuff look for their album Human Nature from 2014. Then during the second makeshift clinical trial, when Webb gets busted by Ressler and company we hear Von Grey’s “Poison in the Water”. Finally as Dembe confronts Liz and Red arrives at the prison we hear “Where You Gonna Go” by Gregory Alan Isakov.

You can hear these songs via the official Blacklist playlist on Spotify or the same playlist recreated by us on Apple Music.

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Each week of The Blacklist Exposed will take a deep look at both the minor and major plot lines to this fantastic series. Be sure to subscribe and review us in Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, or through whichever podcast app you prefer. Also check out our other Golden Spiral Media Podcasts.

A special thanks to Veruca Crews for creating our podcast cover art. If you love it, be sure to check out the rest of her Blacklist and other artwork on her tumblr page.

Thanks for listening! We’ll talk to you soon. In the meantime, be sure to keep yourself off, The Blacklist.

Episode Archive

Are you loving this episode of The Blacklist Exposed? Then make sure you check out our past episodes going all the way back to season 1! Or if you are a long time listener, listen to one of your favorites like “Cape May”, “Dr. Adrian Shaw Conclusion”, or one of our many interviews with Jon, the cast, and crew.




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