The Blacklist Exposed

BLE142 – S7E4 – Kuwait

BLE142 – S7E4 – Kuwait

In 1989 Harold Cooper was a man with many sides. In 2019 Harold Cooper is a man that values loyalty and truth above all else. This is the story of Harold Cooper and what happened in Kuwait with one Raymond Reddington and this man named Daniel Hutton. Read More…

BLE138 – Season 6 Review with Jon Bokenkamp

BLE138 – Season 6 Review with Jon Bokenkamp

Series Creator Jon Bokenkamp shares what worked & what may not have during season six of #TheBlacklist for circumstances many of us don’t see. He shares how we should view the Ilya story, losing Mozhan, & why now was the time for the big reveal. Read More…

BLE136 – S6E22 – #15 Robert Diaz – Quick Take

BLE136 – S6E22 – #15 Robert Diaz – Quick Take

Aaron pours a drink for Troy and he immediately cries in it. We discuss the highs and lows of the S6 finale in this immediate reaction to everything we saw as the plan against the USA and President Robert Diaz finally comes to fruition. Read More…

BLE135 – S6E21 – #60 Anna McMahon

BLE135 – S6E21 – #60 Anna McMahon

Anna McMahon is in a race against time as well as the task force on #TheBlacklist to recover the missing dossier that lays out a plot against the United States of America. It appears it will be a rather grim day for the Grimm family who currently have it. Read more…


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